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Wills and Probate

A will sets out who is to benefit from your property and possessions (your estate) after your death. By making a will you can decide what happens to your property and possessions after your death. Although you do not have to make one by law, it is the best way to make sure your estate is passed on to family and friends exactly as you wish. If you die without a will, your assets may be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes

In order for a will to be valid, it must be:- :

  • made by a person who is 18 years old or over; and
  • made voluntarily and without pressure from any other person; and
  • made by a person who is of sound mind. This means the person must be fully aware of the nature of the document being written or signed and aware of the property and the identify of the people who may inherit; and
  • in writing; and
  • signed by the person making the will in the presence of two witnesses; and
  • signed by the two witnesses, in the presence of the person making the will, after it has been signed. A witness or the married partner of a witness cannot benefit from a will. If a witness is a beneficiary (or the married partner or civil partner of a beneficiary), the will is still valid but the beneficiary will not be able to inherit under the will.
  • As soon as the will is signed and witnessed, it is complete.

We are able to visit you in your own home, care home or hospital and help you prepare your will or change/ amend your existing Will.

Instructions can therefore be taken in the comfort and privacy of clients homes and returned in person for explanation and attestation

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